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Kill Bill: Volume 1

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MICHAEL'S BLOG HAS MOVED!Posted by Mike on 12.30.2008
MY PERSONAL BLOG HAS MOVED TO WWW.MICHAELBUBBO.COM Please update your bookmarks and RSS reader. If you need to contact me, use the contact form at the new Blog. This blog... (view entire entry)

GOOGLE STREET VIEWPosted by Mike on 05.31.2007
If you haven't had a chance to check out Google's brand new Street View option of Google Maps... you need to check it out, it is amazing. With Google Maps... (view entire entry)

UPCOMING UPDATEPosted by Paul on 11.08.2004
Thanks for visiting. Latest news is on the way, please check back later this week! Feel free to leave comments in the meantime.... (view entire entry)

June 12, 2003

Posted by Michael at 01:09 AM

I thought the hour of completion would almost never occur! Developing bubbo.com and it's sub-sites became a much larger project than I had first set out to do, but I am thankful I remained persistant enough to reach completion. There are so many aspects of the site to be viewed -- it will be a real treat as content begins to fill the many pages and subject categories. I will more than likely take a few days off and just do some posts to get into the non-development mode. And dust off a few things here and there that might not have been caught in the first couple hundred rounds of QA i've done on the site(s).

If you have any questions about the site, the design, or the reason behind having so many different outlets within one site -- please feel free to contact me at contact AT bubbo DOT com or visit the contact area to drop a quick note to me. It is an excellent feeling to see the website goal accomplished and functioning at 100%.

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